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Author Topic: CEA Part 7 - WE BUY LAND WOOOOOOOOO  (Read 9002 times)
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« on: March 17, 2009, 10:53:59 PM »

Original Post by Celeste
23.08.2007 at 21:02:48

Hey all
Well ok we bought land in March, but I've been too slack/busy to post any pics .......  Roll Eyes
But due to popular demand HERE THEY FINALLY ARE  Cheesy

We bought a great block in a place called Pelverata, which is southish of Hobart and if you have a map it's between Huonville and Margate. It's beautiful and hilly with some farmland and forest and creeks. Our block is a nice mix of all those things! Which makes it a bit of a challenge to build on  :-/  but this is the price you pay.

OK I don't seem to have any pics of the very front part of the block (which is basically the only flat bit, being adjacent to the creek/river). It's kind of a wide (12m) battleaxe leg entry. You pass the vege patch and hayshed and you get to the main creek which runs across the block.

Behind the creek is a cliff -
CLICK!Here's the creek and cliff behind with some nice trees - good spot for a picnic!

To get to the rest of the block you have to cross the dreaded bridge (no troll)
CLICK!Scary little sucker - but our car hasn't broken it yet

CLICK!Woops was that the bridge groaning?

Here are some shots looking along the creek:
CLICK!awww pretty

CLICK!wonder if there's any platypus or water rats?

Once over the bridge there's a driveway hoorah (well it's what we call a driveway here in the bush!) which is pretty well going through the middle of the property now, next to a winter creek
CLICK!This is actually just past the bridge looking BACK along the driveway toward the front. Winter creek is off to the right

CLICK!this is from the same spot i think but looking forward into the property

CLICK!I think this is just a bit further looking east and toward the middle of the block where we want our house to go. Is that Sleepy, Sneezy or Grumpy? hehehe lucky Mark doesn't read this I HOPE

CLICK!Taken from somewhere along the driveway - nice treesies!

CLICK!This is the first dam, it's in the western part of the block which is grassed paddocks and clayey soil. You are sorta looking toward the front and off to the west side. Where the cattle are is part of our block.
Just realised I dont have a pic of second dam here or the rest of the western paddocks - you get the idea anyhoo.

Fungi, Flora and Fauna!

Here's some birds we discovered one early morning when we rocked up. They seemed to be saying HOW RUDE who is this in our territory at this hour?? They are apparently Swamp Hens - endemic to Tassie I think (as they can't fly and they think dingoes ate them all on the mainland a few thou years ago)
CLICK!Oh great who the heck is this coming into our land??



CLICK!Someone's been eating da fungi.....

CLICK!I would rather eat this one, looks like lemon meringue pie YUM

CLICK!We found this skull, which having looked at some pics I can safely say is a quoll - yay!!! but couldn't identify which of the 2 species it is

CLICK!These berries look yum! There's lots of plants with berries here but I haven't found out if any are edible yet...

CLICK!I found tadpoles in the dam! Hoorah froggies!!!!!!

CLICK!This is a kind of scrubby patch of wattle etc toward the back where Mark saw a wallaby! They must hide in there. Judging from the amount of wallaby poo on the cleared grassy part of the block they must be packed in there like sardines!!! They only come out at night I gather.....

CLICK!I don't know if I WANT to know what made those scratches ..... eeeeeee!! Any ideas?

House Site!!!

CLICK!So this is taken from the driveway about in the middle of the block, looking uphill to the east to a cleared area where we HOPE to build our house. Hi Mark up there!

CLICK!And if you walk up to where Mark was in the last shot you basically turn around and this is the view. You can see Super Echo! down the bottom (he goes anywhere) and that's the winter creek behind the car and following the tree line to the right. The driveway off away from you is going through one of our paddocks and then to a neighbouring block - which has the shed on it.

CLICK!This is from the same spot but early morning and you can see a bit more of the mountain yonder

CLICK!And again, but looking a bit to the right to see more along the creekline, and some sheep that were munching our grass for a while

CLICK!Still standing in same spot, but looking left (south) at nice trees.

CLICK!This is from a bit further east (up the hill) looking in the same direction though. This would be a nice spot to build as it flattens out, but there are more big trees here to the north so you get shade in winter. There's that weird man again!

CLICK!This is from similar spot, but looking to the east - 'behind the house'

CLICK!Looking a bit north of east this time

CLICK!And finally back at the bottom looking up at the house site - by this time we have roughly staked out where we want the house to go - not sure how easy the stakes are to see in the pic though

The Rest (Sorta):

CLICK!This is from the back (north) paddock on the eastern side of the winter creek. Near the back (NE) corner of our block. That's one of the biggest trees on the block I think - nice!

CLICK!This is looking northish toward back paddocks. That big tree in last pic is directly to your left somewhere (not in shot)

CLICK!Looking down into the winter creek. We haven't seen it running yet, but then again we haven't been to the block for ages - I think a couple months. Huonville actually had its worst flooding in years a couple weeks ago ....... but that was as much to do with high tides as rainfall.

CLICK!This is Pelverata Falls (on extreme zoom!!), which I haven't yet been to (I'm so stuffed from walking around the block I usually can't face a walk to the falls!!!!). They are over the road - south of our block. I think this is taken from over on the western side of our block, which I don't seem to have any pics of yet.

Ok I think that's it!!!!!

I have stacks more photos of plants and things but I doubt you'd be interested in botanical identification.......

Hope you liked the pics, hopefully we'll have some of a house under construction soon!
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